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Art of nutrition
for your beloved pet

We believe that our products
prevent disease and restore
balanced internal function
for longevity, health and
beauty of your pet.

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Health is the matter

Vet Vittles was developed to set
a new standard of complete
nutritional needs for cats
and dogs and to serve
both a preventive and
therapeutic purpose.

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VetVittles' mission is to use research based recipes to
eliminate the dietary and health limitations imposed on our pets
by urban life, without resorting to pharmaceutical interventions
or artificial substitutes.

Efroim Gurman
Founder and CEO "VetVittles LLC":

  • CEO of veterinary clinic “Full Pet Services” (Brooklyn NY);
  • Founder and scientific leader of the company “VetVittles”;
  • PhD in biochemistry and pet nutrition;
  • Published more than 110 scientific articles and 7 books.

Who are we? And why you should consider us.

VetVittles is a unique line of medical quality foods and herbal supplements for dogs and cats. Developed and formulated by veterinarians, VetVittles combines the health and medical benefits of natural products with the latest advances in nutrition. The result is a medical food and easy to use herbal remedies that will prevent disease and restore balanced internal function for longevity, health and beauty of your pet.

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"Follow the wide spread tendency, we try to fulfill the gap between limitations of urban life and our desire to give our four-legged family member a long healthy and happy life. We have no obligations to any chemical factories - our obligation belongs to you and your pets. Humankind experience and professionalism of our scientist and doctors allow us to develop unique formulas of herbal bouquets, which might help in the most common health issues of those who depend on us. Moreover, we choose a gel delivery method, because it is easier than tablets."

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For Adult Cats

For Senior Cats

For Puppies

For Adult Dogs

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Recommended Holistic Herbal Supplements and Food for Cats and Dogs

Aging Paw Plus
Herbal supplement for senior dogs & cats 8 years and older

  • Supports joints and blood circulation
  • Reduces the risk of oncology and diabetes
Puppy Booster
Herbal vitamin for puppies

  • Supports the health a young or a weak puppy
  • Prevents hypoglycemia
Kitten Booster
Herbal vitamin for kittens

  • Increases kitten's survival rate by 50%
  • Restores hypoglycemic lethargy twice faster
Herbal Dry Pig Ear Treats for Dogs and Puppies
Natural treats marinated in medicinal herbs

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Hypoallergenic
Power-Mune Plus
Herbal supplement for dogs and cats to boost their immunity

  • Enforces resistance to diseases
  • Supports healing of infections
Herbal sedative for dogs and cats to improve their behavior

  • Reliefs stress and eases separation anxiety
  • Promotes emotional well-being

Lily Shaper

"Thank you for this product. I am a long time cat breeder and have been looking for a natural supplement for kittens. Especially pleased because of gel form. Very easy to give it to several kittens at one time."

Verified Purchase

Alex Williams

"I gave this supplement to my puppy when he seemed drowsy and it right away brought his enery back. Good product"

Verified Purchase

Andrew Scott

" I saw improvement right away. My dog loves the taste!"

Verified Purchase

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