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Once upon a time, in the bustling heart of New York City, two compassionate and dedicated professionals, a renowned scientist Dr. Efroim Gurman and a veterinarian Dr. Igor Brodetskiy dreamed of providing the best possible care for the pets that brought so much joy and love to their families. As busy professionals, they knew all too well the challenges that people often face when trying to provide the best care for their furry companions. They knew that pet parents needed something more – a way to nourish their pets’ bodies and souls with the same human-grade quality they themselves enjoyed.

And so, the two doctors embarked on a journey, driven by the passion to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. They realized that there was a glaring gap in the market for human-grade quality, well-balanced herbal supplements that provided functional support at every stage of a pet’s life. Drawing on decades of scientific experience, Dr. Gurman and his research team developed groundbreaking polyherbal formulations that would not only cater to the unique needs of dogs and cats but also ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our story is more than just about creating incredible supplements; it’s about the love and dedication we pour into each bottle, the unwavering commitment to making the lives of pets and their owners better, and the heartfelt belief in what we do.

Our Commitment

VetVittles’ commitment is simple: to provide powerful, delicious, and affordable health products and supplements that enable pet owners to champion their pet’s wellness. We understand the busy lives of each individual, and we strive to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to care for their pets.

VetVittles ensures that every product we create is made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from nature and meticulously tested for safety and efficacy. We are dedicated to working closely with veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and herbalists to develop innovative and effective solutions that will keep pets happy and healthy throughout their lives.

Our Values

At the heart of VetVittles are our values. We believe in taking responsibility for our products from the plant to the bowl, ensuring that we only use the highest-quality ingredients. We partner with FDA-registered facilities in the USA and around the world, meticulously vetting all our vendors to ensure that we deliver only the best to our furry friends.

As you browse our website, know that behind each and every VetVittles product is a story of passion, dedication, and love for pets. We’re not just here to sell you supplements; we’re here to join you on your journey to provide the best possible care for your furry companions, helping you to create a lifetime of cherished memories together. Let VetVittles be your partner in championing your pet’s wellness, and together we can make the world a better place for our beloved pets.


Our Scientific Advisory board

Efroim Gurman, PH.D,DSC.

Dr. Gurman holds Ph.D and Dr. Sci. in Biochemistry and Nutrition. Has over 45 years of scientific experience. Worked in military biochemical-pharmacological labs in Russia. Served as a scientific director at a pharmaceutical startup, CDI. Has over 115 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and 8 books, including several bestsellers.


    Efroim Gurman, PH.D,DSC.

    CEO and Founder , VetVittles

    “… food informational signals might be more important than its calories input and constructive substances content. Supplements are the tools  to enhance the quality of healthy feeding.”


    From Dr. E Gurman opening speech at International FAO Congress on food safety under UN tutelage, 2019.

    Igor Brodetskiy, DVM, Ph.D.

    Dr. Brodetskiy has over 40 years of veterinary experience. Holds two advanced degrees: DVM and Ph.D in veterinary pharmacology.

    Since 1999 Chief Veterinarian at ADB, P.C. - internal medicine and surgery, veterinary endocrinology and nutrition. Has dozens of publications, mentored 9 licensed veterinary doctors, helped save thousands of pet lives.

      Igor Brodetskiy, DVM, Ph.D.

      Bakridin  zaripov, Ph.D, Dsc

      Professor of Physiology Department at Uzbekistan National University; Member of Uzbekistan Agricultural Academy,

      Member of International Physiological Society (Stockholm, Sweden) and NY Academy (USA), Honorable professor of Rome University (Italy) and South-Russian University (Rostov, RF)

        Bakridin zaripov, Ph.D, Dsc

        Rafail Kushak, Ph.D, Dsc

        Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

        Special interest: microbiome role in digestion and well being of organism.

          Rafail Kushak, Ph.D, Dsc

          Rebecca Wolf, MPA

          Assistant Director/Director of Education & Garden Operations at Queens Botanic Garden (NY) with a special interest in the environmental role of plants and their practical applications.

            Rebecca Wolf, MPA

            Joy Mattias Garland, MSN, RN-BC

            Experienced nursing clinical coordinator (Neurosurgey) at Maimonides Hospital with special interest on natural healing methods, knowledgeable in Asian traditional medicine. Cat lover.

              Joy Mattias Garland, MSN, RN-BC

              Denis Adamchuk,  Pharm.D, CSP

              Specialty Pharmacy Manager- Clinical Services/Operations

              Clinical Assistant Professor at Long Island University, Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy

                Denis Adamchuk, Pharm.D, CSP

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