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VetVittles was developed to bring the benefits of medical foods to dogs and cats. While people have been benefiting from medical foods for years, pets have been relegated to chemically engineered foods that lack the ingredients which are necessary for their optimal health.

Combining the expertise of veterinarians, groomers, veterinary nutritionists, chefs and experts in nutraceuticals, VetVittles was developed to set a new standard of complete nutritional needs for cats and dogs and to serve both a preventive and therapeutic purpose.

Our products are based on extensive research into animal digestive physiology, nutrition, animal habits in the wild, as well as the detailed needs of pets that have been bred to specific breed standards.

We source the best naturally-occurring extracts and combine them with high quality protein and carbohydrate ingredients from quality suppliers of meats and poultry. We do not engineer taste, but rather let the proteins speak for themselves as these are the ingredients preferred by your pets.

Because your pets are domesticated versions of their wild counterparts, they can not be exposed to the same exact nutritional components. Therefore, we have designed our products to be readily digestible by a wide range of domesticated animals and have added active, naturally-occurring ingredients that your pets would seek out for their own wellness. Some of our products focus on specific areas of pet wellness, such as digestion, coat quality, allergies and immunity, liver health and nervous system and reproductive function.

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