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The Science of VetVittles

VetVittles is formulated to represent the best of nature combined with the sciences of veterinary nutrition and animal behavior.

All of our products feature nutraceuticals. A nutraceutical is a food or food product, typically derived from a natural source, which has health and medical benefits, including the treatment and prevention of disease.

Our products have been designed for the modern breeds of domesticated animals, keeping in mind their health and the desire of their owners to enjoy their pets’ beauty and vitality for many years.

Continuous and persistent breeding of pets into specific breeds to enhance certain features, has to some degree, removed them from their wild counterparts. While pets retain many features of their wild ancestors (such as a mainly carnivorous diet), breeding has significantly altered their digestive physiology. Vet Vittles was developed to address this change by combining a variety of minimally processed animal protein ingredients and naturally-occurring extracts that animals would seek out in nature to maintain homeostasis (balanced function of the inter-related components of the body).

Carnivorous animals routinely consume a variety of products from their prey. This includes not only the flesh but also organ meat, which often contains important chemicals and hormones such as iron stores and stress hormones. Conventional pet foods do not contain such ingredients and thus leave pets without these vital nutritional components. While the domestic pet may have trouble directly consuming and digesting such a variety of ingredients, VetVittles has included them in minimally processed and slightly altered form so that they retain their unique nutritional value but are easily digested.

Although essentially carnivorous, dogs and cats routinely consume vegetation, mainly for its vitamin content as well as for its medicinal value. Animals in the wild seek out certain roots and leaves depending on their internal environment and regulatory mechanisms. Vet Vittles has sought out these compounds in extracted form and added them to foods, making the foods not just nutritious and delicious, but also therapeutic and preventive.

Animals in the wild also drastically augment their diet with the changes in season. This natural adaptation is also reflected in Vet Vittles products that may be interchanged based on season or certain products may be added to a staple food to allow for seasonal adaptation.

The domestication and breeding of cats and dogs has led these animals to spend more time with humans and thus become exposed with greater frequency to the human diet, including carbohydrates and a wider variety of protein and vegetation sources. This close relationship to humans has made modern domestic animals more omnivorous than carnivorous. Because of readily available food, domesticated animals, much like modern humans, have lost the need to expend energy to obtain their food and hence they spend much less energy than their wild counterparts. The shift to a more omnivorous diet with more carbohydrates, combined with decreased energy expenditure has resulted in many of the same weight-related conditions that now plague humans – obesity, diabetes, arthritis. For this reason, Vet Vittles has developed their products to have protein-rich content with vital extracts of plants and vegetation for optimal nutrient management and maintenance of ideal weight.

For optimal weight and wellness, your pet’s diet must change with age, season and conditions treated or prevented. Adding nutraceuticals and targeted herbal extracts will help your pet maintain homeostasis, resulting in vitality, longevity, and health.

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