Coconut Oil- Poison or Nectar?

As coconut oil grows in popularity, more and more pet owners choose to give it to their pets as a supplement. This is especially true for a growing number of raw feeders. However, coconut oil is undergoing a lot of criticism, pitting its supporters and opposers...
Research on Appetite

Research on Appetite

Appetite   What a wonderful topic for a health issue! Everybody knows or at least, thinks they know, what the term appetite means. However, even many health practitioners do not understand the deep mechanics of it and the proper way to repair it in case it...
The Gut Rules

The Gut Rules

The start of all living beings on Earth happened when the planet’s surface accumulated enough organic materials due to different chemical processes. These initial organic sources were soon exhausted. To survive, protobiotic organisms had to either eat somebody or to...

Benefits of Raw Feeding

Facing Facts for our Furry Friends Raw meat-based diets (RMBDs) are having a bit of a moment right now. Finally, after years of opinion-based arguments regarding the safety and value of RMBDs for our furry friends – we finally have some facts to chew on. The...
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