You Got Questions.

We got answers.



From the concept stage, we knew that you are going to ask questions.  Indeed, the majority of regular chocolate available on the market is known to be harmful to dogs, and for good reason. 

The reason is simple. Most of the available chocolate is made with a variety of ingredients, most prominent of which are cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Cocoa solids include a relatively high concentration of theobromine and caffeine. These are the ingredients that are responsible for the notorious harm that chocolate may cause to our pets.

Theobromine and Caffeine

Theobromine and caffeine – methylxanthines that are found in solid cocoa products such as cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, etc.  Both alkaloids act somewhat similar and can be considered as stimulants. It’s them that cause changes in our mood and stimulate our brain when we need to wake up.

Even though, there no known long-term or accumulating negative effects both on humans and pets, these stimulants can be toxic if digested in large amounts.

Physiological Differences

There are key differences between humans and dogs that make the consumption of chocolate dangerous for our pets.

The differences are the speed at which we metabolize these stimulants and our weight.

Dogs metabolize theobromine and caffeine approximately six times slower that humans, hence lower dosage is required to cause harm.

In other words, because our pets metabolize theobromine and caffeine  slower and weigh less than us, most chocolates made for human consumption can cause harm to them.




Cocoa butter, while also made from a cocoa bean, consists of traces or almost none of such stimulants. The levels can be so low that some carob products have been detected to have a higher concentration.

Many research articles made by public and private research institutions provide evidence to support this claim. All articles are available at NIH portal.



From the beginning, our job was not to create chocolate for dogs. Our job was to create the most innovative supplement for dogs that requires a minimum amount of processing, is easy to administer, and is enjoyable by our furry friends.

Cocoa butter makes a perfect hold base for herbal remedies due to the fact that it allows minimum processing, brings great aroma and amazing convenience for fellow pet owners.

The color of our cocoment bar is achieved by precise herbal formulation, and none of the cocoa products other than cocoa butter is used.



Our cocoment bar is made with the blend that keeps a total concentration of each of the stimulants below just  0.08mg per bar, meaning that entire cocoment bar can be safely consumed at once by even smallest pets.


IMPORTANT: Please note that we strongly recommend following directions of daily feeding for better results.