Our Story

VetVittles was founded in 2012 by Gurman Brothers. Efroim Gurman, who runs vet clinic in Brooklyn NY is a seasoned pet nutritionist. He saw the potential that herbal remedies can bring with the right formulation.  He developed his own polyherbal formulation that started bringing positive effects. First, VetVittles was sold exclusively in his vet clinic, however, after brothers saw a great demand on their herbal remedies, they decided to start a new venture to  bring more health and happiness to  the pet world

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthier, more natural alternative to pets and their owners. As we like to call it, we want to give pet owners more freedom to choose what is truly best for their furry buddies.

Our line is currently in demand within raw-feeding circles, holistic enthusiasts, coconut oil fans, and the general public who with time lean towards herbal alternatives to harsh chemicals.

Our Values

We believe that we carry  responsibility  for our actions. This is why we carefully select our vendors. Many partners we work with a regular donors of animal shelters and NFP clinics. In addition, we, ourselves, regularly donate our product and funds to NFP’s of our choice. 

Behind Our Science and Our Promise.

Efroim Gurman, Ph.D

Dr. Gurman holds Ph.D in Biochemistry and Nutrition. Has over 45 years of scientific experience. Worked in military biochemical labs in Russia. Lead scientific labs that focused on researching roles of medical herbs on physiological functions. Served as a scientific director at a pharmaceutical startup, CDI. Founded FPS veterinary clinic in NYC in 1999. Has over 110 scientific articles and 7 books.

Igor Brodetskiy, DVM & Ph.D

Dr. Brodetskiy has over 40 years of veterinary experience. Holds two advanced degrees: DVM and Ph.D in veterinary pharmacology. Since 1999 Chief Veterinarian at ADB, P.C. – internal medicine and surgery, veterinary endocrinology and nutrition. Has dozens of publications, mentored 9 licensed veterinary doctors, helped save thousands of pet lives.

Our Videos.

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