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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I myself use the herbs indicated on labels to obtain a similar effect?
No, the effects will be different and sometimes even opposite. We followed the rules and present all the herbs included in this or other formulas, but the information about the proportion of each herbs within the composition is strictly confidential. So, without knowledge of the amount and purpose of each herb in the formula, there is a risk of a side effect of amateur usage of the same herbs.

Is the technology of preparing the herbal supplement play a significant role for its effect?
Yes, thermal, chemical and even mechanical methods of preparation of the herbal ingredients for the supplements have a significant role in its effects.

Are all components of the supplement equally necessary for the supplement to be effective?
Yes and No. Yes, because they all are needed to obtain a maximum desirable effect without any meaningful side effects. No, because the incorporation of each herb in the formulas are based for different therapeutic purposes.

Can I use these herb products for myself?
Our physiological structure ways is similar to dogs and cats in many ways, although there are many differences too. The bodily functions of human?s and pet?s also differs, for instance you eat what you want, but your dog eats what you choose to give it. It wouldn?t be a surprise to see similar effects of the herbal supplement or food in humans, but all the risks are yours. We do not recommend such experiments.

How much food should be given to my dog?
It is both an easy and sophisticated question. It is easy to do with the help of special tables or online tools - but it will be absolutely applicable to determine an average dosage for almost an average dog. Do you have an average dog? Does your dog live an average life under average conditions? If not, you have to take in account many other facts: what is the temperature today, how much exercise you’re your dog have today, how warm is their coat, how much extra calories is in the dog?s storage, how active is the dog?s metabolism and so on and so on. To take in account all these influential factors is rather complicated.

Luckily, there is another practical way to know food dosage needed for exactly your dog. Dogs have to eat 10% less food that it desires. A healthy dog has to be ready to eat small piece of tasty food any time, even after the dinner. Let your dog show you once how much it wants if you feed it ad libidum (free choice) and then take off this dosage about 1/10 of this amount. If you want your dog to gain some weight - enlarge the dosage of the same food, if your dog needs to lose some weight - slightly reduce the dosage or change the food with more calorie rich one. The secret of success consist in permanency of your approach. Healthy significant changes cannot be result of short term act.

Can I switch one type of food to another in one day?
No. Any changes in feeding should be done gradually. The functioning cells in the digestive tract are a highly renewable system, almost every 36 hours the intestinal cells regenerate. The conditions of their work yesterday dictate what types of tools these cells will need. The micro-flora within the intestine usually adapt to the certain type of food that is being digested. Any rapid changes may cause an imbalanced which will lead to different problems including diarrhea and stomach pain. Also, other organs involved in the general digestive process (stomach, liver, pancreas etc) also need some time to adjust their ability to process certain food. We recommend the rule of 5x5 PD (five portions versus 5 days) - see the diagram:

Switching your pet from one type of food to another

Each of the 5 days replace 1/5 of old food with 1/5 of new food and it will help for a smooth transfer of your pet from one type of food to another. In cases of seasonal foods, general similarity of the main ingredients, a slow introduction may not be necessary, but still recommended.

Can herbal supplements be used instead of prescribed medication by a vet?
No, herbal supplements are aimed to support your pets bodily functions daily, but if a disease is already present, your veterinarian recommendations must be followed. These herbal supplements can also be used to prevent some significant problems or keep a weak function within a normal level after the acute health issue is solved by doctor. Herbal correlation of many behavioral problems and general health improvement may reduce number of needed visits to vet. Of course, we all heard many trustful stories about successful herbal treatment of numerous health issues but there is definite risk of misdiagnosis and insufficiency of treatment.

How ?Kitten Booster?/?Puppy Booster? for instance are useful to my kitten/puppy?
There are several ways which make this supplement a great importance for every owner of a young pet. The herbal structure included in these gels will elevate the young pet?s immunity, which play a significant role during and future vaccination. Vaccination?s usually provided the ability of a young animal to defend themselves against dangerous contagious agents.

The purposes of vaccinations are:
There are several ways which make this supplement a great importance for every owner of a young pet. The herbal structure included in these gels will elevate the young pet’s immunity, which play a significant role during and future vaccination. Vaccination?s usually provided the ability of a young animal to defend themselves against dangerous contagious agents.

The purposes of vaccinations are:
a) to eliminate antibodies against these agents inherited from mother;
b) introduce these dangerous agents (weak and non-harmful form) to the immune system of youngster;
c) to provoke a powerful production of antibodies to help defend the pet?s body from future attacks by similar agents.

Also, we vaccinate against a limited known types of bacteria, so strengthening of the immune system helps to defend your pet against a wide range of risks. Having a strong immune system and increasing its readiness to react properly is a key point at this risky time. Our herbal supplements are constructed in a way that they include other important substances. Such as vitamins, a source of quick energy, minerals and other irreplaceable active ingredients which are a core for the healthy being of youngsters and in some cases (like hypoglycemia, for instance) may save lives of kittens/puppies.

How to define the best herbal supplement for my pet?
The best herbal supplement for your pet should be marked with Vet Vittles trade mark. These products are made with human grade ingredients, obtained from respectful sources within the US, formulas of components included (as well as technology of their processing, and testing/expertise done are out of questions. These products will enhance the quality of life of your four-legs family members, they are convenient for usage and beside all these benefits they may reduce number of needed visits to vet.

What is nutritional and health demands of the winter?
The pet?s body at this season needs more than its average calorie intake. It needs special vitamin support because of seasonal limitation (active form of vitamin D can?t be produced without sun light and quantity and quality limitation of plants can lead to deficit in vitamin C, PP, A, and many others). Risk of cold weather together with a weakened body elevates the risk of infections and diseases, so the body needs support of its immunity.

Is it natural to feed carnivorous animals like dogs and cats with herbs and other plant things (vegetables, fruits, etc.?
Yes, it is. Even a wild predecessors of cats and dogs being predominantly flesh-eating animals intake some portion of their diet in form of vegetarian thing. Moreover, being domesticated for rather long period of time cats and (especially) dogs evolved the ability to digest starch and other plant substance. This ability became a part of their natural physiology and elimination of these components from their input now may be harmful for their organisms.

What is nutritional and health demands of the spring/fall?
It is the period of time when hormones are significantly misbalanced, when metabolism underwent meaningful changes, when fat under the skin and coat has to be changed. To support these changes is a call for special food provision.

What are the nutritional and health demands of the summer?
The pet?s body at this season needs fewer calories but better blood circulation throughout the body to compensate the extra heat. It is also a time of elevated risks of attacks by insects and parasites, so self-defense against these attackers should be supported. Extra needs of water and minerals to keep the body temperature below overheated levels are an obvious demand for additional supplies.


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