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Vet Vittles sponsored the charitable project "Petcare RAKCC"
Vet Vittles sponsored the charitable project "Petcare RAKCC", whose goal is to raise funds for providing abandoned and homeless animals in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The problem of homeless animals is very actual in the territory of the post-Soviet space. Despite the fact that there are many volunteers in Russia who devote their lives to organizing shelters and finding new owners for homeless animals, lack of funding can reduce all efforts to zero. That is why all the funds collected within the "Petcare RAKCC" project will go to the treatment and maintenance of stray animals. Vet Vittles, as a project sponsor, plans to ship herbal supplements Puppy Booster, Kittens Booster, Power-Mune Plus, Nutri Calm, Nice Coat, Liver Support, Aging Paw Plus, the natural probiotic Microbiome Seed. If you want to participate in the project it is necessary to go to website.

The new product: Herbal Dry Pig Ear Treats for Dogs and Puppies
Vet Vittles informs all customers about the release of a new product. This dog treat is a pork ears, dried in a special composition of herbs, which reduces the risk of allergy. Herbal Dry Pig Ear Treats for Dogs and Puppies is available in a cardboard box and contains 6 pieces. Already in the first days of sales it became clear that the new product will be one of the most popular in the product line of Vet Vittles. You can get acquainted with the noveltyhere.

Vet Vittles representatives took part in the World Dog Expo
On June 10, Vet Vittles representatives took part in the World Dog Expo, which was held in New Jersey. In addition to the dog show, the exhibition presented a wide range of products for pets. Representatives of Vet Vittles were once again convinced that there are no analogues of Vet Vittles herbal gels on the market. And also admired the rainbow royal poodle)))


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