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Herbal Support of Neonatal Babies

Puppies and kittens arrive in this world somewhat unprepared to take care of themselves. This is particularly visible in two ways: their immune systems still have to learn how to protect their bodies from various infections, and their ability to maintain homeostasis is rather weak.


Also, their digestive systems are underdeveloped: the intestinal wall of kittens and puppies is still highly penetrable during their first days (later only small molecules like the products of hydrolysis will be able to make it past this barrier). Mother nature has appropriated this shortcoming into an advantage—the blank slate offers opportunities for loading newborn organisms with important survival tools. It is only during the couple of days after birth that large molecules such as immunoglobulin can penetrate the intestinal wall without being digested. This is in order to protect newborns upon their transition from the nearly-sterile uterus into the microbe-infested world. And it is only in the first days that lactating mothers produce, instead of regular breast milk, a substance called colostrum—a concentrate of antibodies to protect their babies against disease.


These antibodies will protect neonatal puppies and kittens during their first six to eight weeks, at which point they degrade and become ineffective. This is exactly the point when vaccination protocols recommend for owners to take their pets in for their first shots. The initial shot functions largely to immobilize the residual immune molecules inherited from the mother. The second shot allows the immune system to learn something about its potential aggressors, in order to recognize them. The third shot stimulates the organism to produce self-made antibodies against these now familiar enemies.


The injection of vaccines does not guarantee total protection for the young organism—it takes time (usually vaccination protocol lasts 6-8 weeks) to develop the ability to recognize potential intruders and to build enough defensive antibodies. Moreover, aside from the several well-known dangerous microbes and viruses that we vaccinate against, there could be a number of others that the young organism will face in the real world without the aid of vaccinations. Thus, stimulation of the immune system at this stage is a good idea and can play a dramatic role in improving the health of our little four-legged buddies.


Another risk facing our pets is their inability to manage sugar storage. Kittens and puppies, particularly smaller breeds, can be vulnerable to low blood sugar as their livers are not yet functioning at full capacity. Because sugar is the primary source of energy going to the brain, low blood sugar can cause lethargy. Without proper care, the sugar-hungry brain is at risk for serious, and sometimes lethal, complications.


Mother nature can be unsentimental, eliminating its weakest links by natural selection before they even reach adulthood. In the wilderness only one cub out of three will reach its first birthday. Of course, the mortality rate is much lower for domesticated babies, as they do not face predators, but there are still plenty of viral and microbial threats for them to worry about. And when this puppy or kitten is your family member, you want to do whatever you can to help your little buddy to avoid potential threats to your pet’s well-being. VetVittles has something that will go a long way to strengthen the immune systems of your newborn pets—our products Puppy Booster and Kitten Booster are specifically formulated to help puppies and kittens combat external threats.


There are other brands that offer similar supplements, but none are as effective as VetVittles, which uses immune-stimulating herbal remedies and energy-rich honey in its products. Our products are highly-absorbable, formulated specifically to meet the needs of young organisms, and provide honey-derived energy in a quick and efficient manner. Our supplement formulas for young canines and felines include alfalfa herb, ashwagandha root, astragalus root, dandelion root, Fo Ti root, hibiscus flower, hops flower, hyssop herb, licorice root, marshmallow root, neem leaf and shavegrass.    


Ashwagandha root, Fo Ti root, licorice root, marshmallow root, neem leaf, among others, are well known for their ability to strengthen the immune system. Alfalfa herb, dandelion root, and hibiscus flower are recognized aids for the digestive system, with some acting as antimicrobial agents. Moreover, Kitten Booster contains taurine, a vitamin vital to feline well-being.


So, if you have a puppy or kitten and want them to be protected against serious troubles hurry up and buy Puppy Booster or Kitten Booster from VetVittles!

E. Gurman, PhD, Dr.Sci. (Physiology of Digestion)


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