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Herbs and Urinary Tract Functionality

For those even minimally familiar with the biological functions of a living organism, it should come as no surprise that diet is directly correlated with urinary tract health. Carnivorous animals, for instance, have more acidic urine than omnivores and herbivores. Thus, felines, whose diets are higher in meat than those of their more omnivorous canine counterparts have naturally more acidic urine. And the pH of an animal’s urine is a determining factor for vulnerability to infections.


While the gastro-intestinal tract facilitates the consumption of food, the urinary tract facilitates the opposite—the elimination of food waste. The input and output, however, are highly interdependent: the mineral content of the food influences the urinary tract by dictating the urine’s pH level, while the organic molecules derived from the food’s biochemistry regulate urination. There are multiple components, especially in plants, that might significantly alter kidney function and urine flow. And this is logical. In the same manner that prey have adapted to fight against and outwit their predators, plants have adapted to confront plant-eating organisms by synthesizing biologically active molecules. Sometimes we can take the innate biological weaponry of plants and transform it into tools for self- improvement. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that caffeine constricts blood vessels, parsley induces urination, marijuana changes brain function, and garlic is anti-microbial. The field of pharmacology got its start by observing these effects.


When biologically active ingredients are found in an herb pharmacologists purify it, determine the composition of its molecule, and test its effective dosage and toxicity. Then they try to improve it—they add or subtract molecular structures, combine the active ingredient with other molecules, and finally, after a long and expensive but necessary trial, they create a new medicine and begin to collect profit.


Pharmacology is extremely valuable. It simplifies the work of doctors tremendously by allowing them to work with precise molecular structures of active ingredients and administer their effective dosage. It also makes available all other pertinent information about a drug, and protects doctors in cases of overdose or medical misuse. However, by converting an herbal formula into a drug, pharmacologists dispose of many of the herb’s useful, but less active ingredients, which had naturally evolved as integrated substances. And, the enormous financial costs, and the amount of labor, that goes into producing traditional medicine limits the number of herb-derived medicines that can be produced in a given period. Because of this, I urge you to consider the wide-ranging arsenal of natural medicines, which offers many more options than the available supply of officially designated drugs.


Of course, veterinary intervention is unavoidable if your pet is experiencing significant urinary tract complications, but before the situation becomes drastic, or after an acute problem is resolved, it is a good idea to apply soft measures to the treatment and maintenance of the urinary tract. And nature offers a variety of softer options to help us prevent health problems or, at least, to make them easier to deal with. This is the niche exploited by VetVittles.


Our herbal formula EZ Flow incorporates 7 herbal remedies, agnus castus berry, astragalus root, dill seed, juniper berry, parsley root, sarsaparilla root, uva ursi leaf, well-recognized for their positive effects on urinary tract function. Parsley root, and xx stimulate urine flow, while xx penetrates the urinary tract to provide antimicrobial activity. Xx and xx act as anti-inflammatory agents and regulate pH of urine. Vet Vittles has taken these well-known herbal remedies and, through extensive research, created a perfectly balanced formula to prevent and lower urinary tract discomfort in cats and dogs.


Our formula Renal Clear also targets urinary tract problems, but concentrates primarily on the kidneys and bladder in the upper urinary tract. Infection in this portion of the tract, although less likely, is much more dangerous, and its main source is kidney malfunction. Our formula works to fix and prevent these issues by targeting pH levels, blood filtration, and correcting metabolic mineral content.


Renal Clear formula incorporates astragalus root, juniper berry, parsley root, sarsaparilla root and uva ursi leaf. These herbs are known to aid kidney and bladder function, fight urinary tract infections, reduce urine pH and protect against kidney stone formation, as well as calm any pain or discomfort associated with the urinary tract.


EZ Flow and Renal Clear both induce urination and can be helpful in cases related to fluid retention. These supplements should be administrated with water. They may also facilitate the treatment of various kinds of swelling unrelated to the urinary tract.

E. Gurman, PhD, Dr.Sci. (Physiology of Digestion)


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