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How to Prolong Life of Your Pet: New Scientific Findings

Over the last few decades our society continued to make considerable strides in understanding and promoting longevity. Much of the focus, however, targeted the human—rather than the animal—aging process.

Our team of veterinarians and scientists embarked on a quest to make sure that the benefits of these modern day advances do not sidestep our four-legged counterparts. We utilized cutting-edge research in conjunction with our knowledge of veterinary science and devotion to animal care to develop Vet Vittles—a product designed to help your pet live a longer, healthier life. The formula behind this unique product stands firmly on three pillars: scientific discovery,dedication to safety and use of natural ingredients.

The Science Behind Vet Vittles

Not all accidents are the bad kind. Think, for example, about the apple that fell on Isaac Newton’s head and informed his understanding of the gravitational force. In 2001, also by way of an accident, a research scientist named Walter Long discovered that turning off a biochemical pathway known as the “mTOR pathway” tends to increase longevity in yeast.

Perhaps a bit too excited for a well-deserved vacation, Walter Long departed, forgetting to feed a yeast culture he was growing for an experiment. A few weeks later, he returned to a starving colony.Instead of discarding the yeast, the frugal scientist decided to nurture them back to health. Demonstrating utmost perseverance, the yeast not only survived, but lived longer than their roperly fed counterparts. Puzzled by this result, Dr. Long repeated his experiment and discovered that unfed yeast were turning off their “mTOR pathway.” The idea, it seemed, was that as cells neared starvation, they remained in a suspended animation-like state, allowing them to live longer than their more gluttonous neighbors.

This insight is particularly significant because the mTOR pathway has woven its way to almost all forms of life, including dogs, cats and humans. In fact, a recent study found that people who lived for over 100 years have different mTOR activity than those who did not. Further research on this topic led to a discovery of Rapamycin—a drug that has shown to prolong lives in lab mice by as much as 25%.

Safety First

While the response to Rapamycin appears impressive, the drug comes with a number of side effects. These include suppression of the immune system (which leads to higher rates of infections) and impairment of the ability to stabilize levels of sugar in the blood (which increases the risk of diabetes). As we worked on developing Vet Vittles and considered numerous potential ingredients, we pledged to look for a solution that is safe for your pet.

Our team searched for other medications that effect the mTOR pathway. One such drug, called Metformin, isconsistently used by doctors to safely treat diabetes. In fact, a research study with almost 80,000 people found that diabetics taking Metformin enjoy longer lifespans than non-diabetics who receive no medication. Somewhat surprisingly, this result is triggered not by the sugar lowering effects of Metformin, but by the drug’s effect on the mTOR pathway.

Intrigued by the potential benefits of Metformin, we decided to learn more about the medication. One of its main components, it turned out, is French Lilac (G. officinalis)—an all-natural folk remedy used to treat various ailments for millennia.


The Natural Answer

Consistent with our commitment to use safe, natural ingredients, we incorporated the French Lilac extract into our patented formula. Rather than relying on artificial chemicals, Vet Vittles derives its allure from nature itself. As such, it achieves the goal of improving the health and longevity of our pet without significant risk of side effects.

Our team consists not only of veterinarians and scientists, but also of pharmacists and experts in herbal medicine. It is this diversity that motivates our multifaceted approach to your pet’s needs and helps us achieve results that are right for you and your pet.

I. Brodetskiy, N. Maysuradze, E. Gurman


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