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Crafted For Your Unique Friend.



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Take a short quiz prepared by pour seasoned nutritionists to create your pet’s evaluation profile.

nutritionist prepares formula

Once we receive your profile, we will carefully evaluate it and assign specific herbs to match your desired effects. We will  create  a completely new and unique formula that matches your pet.

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We ask to give us 1-2 business days to prepare and ship  your new formula. Once we ship it you will receive an email  with update.  The supplement will come with all necessary instructions.

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Gone times of stressful shop visits, harsh chemicals, and a variety of expensive supplements that do not justify their prices. Now you have a freedom to choose what is best for your pet. Right here. Hassle free.


Full Control that you  deserve



First on the market supplement that is created just for your unique pet. Using our proprietary technology and formulas, as well as years of experience in pet nutrition we now offer personalized supplements that take into consideration everything that your pet needs. You finally have an ability to control what goes into your pet’s supplement.  All our ingredients are carefully sourced from organic farms and suppliers.



Crafted just for your pet

We consider everything: your pets age, weight, breed, lifestyle and many other factors that let us create a complex supplemental base. You then have an ability to complement it with up to three free add-ons;