Dental Tea


  • Natural and Human Grade – We promise that this product contains only natural and organic herbs
  • Strengthens Enamel- Polyherbal formula is created to strengthen tooth enamel
  • Freshens Breath – No bad breath problem. Constant Tea drinking will keep your pet’s breath fresh!
  • Protects Gums – Carefully selected herbs promote healthy gums of your pet.
  • Great Taste- Amazing herbal taste that your pet will enjoy!
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Astrogalus, ashwagandha, cyperus rotundus, dandelion roots, echinacea, eleuthro root, fo-ti root, hibiscus flowers, licorice roots, marshmallow roots, neem leafs, pau d’arco bark, shave grass, willow bark.


Brew one bag of tea in a cup of warm water for 3-5 minutes. Cold water for 10-15 minutes. Pour into your pet’s water bowl. Replace water daily.