Cocoment – newest and most innovative herbal supplement for dogs. New formula is created to support most three important body functions.  This supplement comes in a form of a candy bar, most convenient and effective by design.  This supplement preserves and broadens our previously set high standards of pet nutrition. Cocoment is so good that it is irresistible even for pet owners!


  • Cocoment is made to boost immunity, to support hips and joints, and to improve the quality of skin and coat. Precise PH+ formulation allows us to exclude a specific combination of herbs to act upon promise effects.


  • Cocoment, while reminding a chocolate bar on the outside has a completely different composition, precisely selected to make it safe for pets of all sizes. Our ingredients are sourced from carefully selected, responsible vendors that comply with many national and international regulations.  Our ingredients are NON-GMO, NATURAL, and HUMAN GRADE.


  • Efficiency and convenience is the motto. After thorough research, we found out that the most convenient, yet efficient form for our new supplement is a form of a candy bar.  Twenty-eight break apart bits make it easy to administer the right dosage to pickiest eaters.
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Additional information

Weight 3 oz


Coconut, cocoa butter,  alfalfa, stevia, ashwagandha, bee pollen, cat’s claw bark, damiana herb, eleuthero root, ginkgo, gotu kola, kelp, marshmallow root, shavegrass, turmeric.


  1. <21 lbs  –  1/2 Bit
  2. 21-60 lbs – 1 Bit
  3. over 60lbs – 2 Bits