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Colostrum Shield&Tears

Colostrum Shield&Tears


  • Hydrates your pet’s eyes
  • Keeps eyes moist longer
  • Protects from irritation
  • Better than artificial tears for pets with ulcerative keratitis
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Herbal Glossary

*We proudly manufacture natural herbal  remedies for dogs and cats. All our herbal ingredients are sourced from  carefully selected farms and vendors that are certified organic. We use PH+ formulation  that allows us create powerful  yet delicious blends. Our supplements are not intended to  diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We highly recommend professional  consultation before use.

Cocoment  –  newest  and most innovative product that

comes in a form of candy bar.


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MobiliX – delicious unison of amazing virgin coconut and

medicinal herbs to unleash pet’s mobility. 


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