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Now, it’s no secret that urinary issues can plague any pet, making their daily life a painful struggle. Here’s where Renacare comes to the rescue, turning that story around with a specially crafted organic gel designed to mend their internal bladder issues and protect their delicate bladder.

Renacare targets your pet’s urinary tract health by:

  • Improving urinary tract health
  • Maintaining a normal pH balance in the bladder
  • Defend bladder from infections
  • Prevent clogging due to unhealthy urination patterns



Urinary Health Optimization

Promotes the optimal renal function.

– Improves bladder pH balance.

– May assist in fighting infections.


Active Ingredients:

Proprietary herbal formula:

alfalfa herb, ashwagandha root, bee pollen, cat’s claw bark, chaparral herb, echinacea purpurea, elderberry, eleuthero root, gotu kola herb, hyssop herb, licorice root, marshmallow root, neem leaf, pau d’arco bark, white oak bark

Other Ingredients:

Fermented goat milk, fermented cow milk, and sea salt.

Science meet nature.

Research-backed poly-herbal formulas to ensure a stronger and more lasting effect.

Unprecedeted taste.

Special blend created to make even the pickiest of pickiest drool.

Peace of your mind.

90 day  hassle-free money-back guarantee to help you decide for yourself.