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For Kittens

Lily Shaper

"Thank you for this product. I am a long time cat breeder and have been looking for a natural supplement for kittens. Especially pleased because of gel form. Very easy to give it to several kittens at one time."

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For Kittens
Kitten Booster
Herbal vitamin for kittens

  • Increases kitten's survival rate by 50%
  • Restores hypoglycemic lethargy twice faster
Power-Mune Plus
Herbal supplement for dogs and cats to boost their immunity

  • Enforces resistance to diseases
  • Supports healing of infections
Herbal sedative for dogs and cats to improve their behavior

  • Reliefs stress and eases separation anxiety
  • Promotes emotional well-being
Allergy X Plus
Herbal supplement for dogs and cats with allergies

  • Reduces allergic reactions on food and environmental allergens
  • Soothes aches and pain
Ez Flow Plus
Herbal supplement for dogs and cats with bladder concerns

  • Formulated to flush out UTIs
  • Prevents bladder infections and crystals
Nice Coat
Herbal supplement for dogs and cats to improve their fur coat

  • Stimulates hair growth and normalizes shedding
  • Enhances the overall coat appearance
Citrus Shampoo with Degreasing Agents
Superior cleaning shampoo for extremely dirty pets

  • Easy-to-rinse formula
  • Emits a pleasant, long-lasting citrus fragrance
Flea & Tick Shampoo
Shampoo to eliminate fleas and ticks

  • Kills flea and ticks
  • Cleans and conditions while leaving the coat shiny
For Control Conditioner
Conditioner for Smooth & Shiny Coat

  • Aids in removing mats
  • Gives a noticeable shine to all coats

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