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Herbal Vitamins & Suplements
Herbal Vitamins & Suplements
Aging Paw Plus
Herbal vitamin for senior dogs & cats 8 years and older

  • Supports joints and blood circulation
  • Reduces the risk of oncology and diabetes
Puppy Booster
Herbal vitamin for puppies

  • Supports the health a young or a weak puppy
  • Prevents hypoglycemia
Kitten Booster
Herbal vitamin for kittens

  • Increases kitten's survival rate by 50%
  • Restores hypoglycemic lethargy twice faster
Power-Mune Plus
Herbal vitamin for dogs and cats to boost their immunity

  • Enforces resistance to diseases
  • Supports healing of infections
Herbal sedative for dogs and cats to improve their behavior

  • Reliefs stress and eases separation anxiety
  • Promotes emotional well-being
Allergy X Plus
Herbal vitamin for dogs and cats with allergies

  • Reduces allergic reactions on food and environmental allergens
  • Soothes aches and pain
Ez Flow Plus
Herbal vitamin for dogs and cats with bladder concerns

  • Formulated to flush out UTIs
  • Prevents bladder infections and crystals
Liver Support
Herbal vitamin for dogs and cats with liver concerns

  • Formulated to support liver function
  • Restores metabolism and prevents stones
Nice Coat
Herbal vitamin for dogs and cats to improve their fur coat

  • Stimulates hair growth and normalizes shedding
  • Enhances the overall coat appearance
Microbiome Seed
Natural probiotic for dogs and puppies

  • Promotes restoration of beneficial microflora
  • Helps relieve idiopathic diarrhea

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